This week in Pine Tree class we have continued with our learning from last week in Literacy, looking at the story of Topsy and Tim’s Sports Day.

In Numeracy our focus has been Shape and Space. We have been looking and identifying 2D shapes within our classroom, which have included circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. We have enjoyed making our own pictures using shapes, taking part in matching and sorting shape activities and recognising shapes in different orientations and within photographs.

In Citizenship this week we have been learning all about the topic ‘Taking part, participation and communication’. We discussed different ways to communicate, using our bodies to express our feelings, also using facial expression, body language, gestures and signing. We looked at pictures on the interactive whiteboard of children’s different facial expressions and talked about how we thought they were feeling. The students have had lots of fun working together and in small groups participating and taking part in a range of games, sharing equipment and taking turns.

We concluded the week with our Pine Tree class assembly and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing our learning with everyone in attendance about the topic ‘We Are All Different’. We discussed that there are lots of people in the world and all of them are different. For example, hair and eye colour, languages spoken, favourite food, who you live with etc. Each student then shared a particular skill or something that makes them unique or something that they enjoy doing. Our assembly concluded with each class and their students having the opportunity to share something they enjoy doing or a particular skill they have!

Thank you for joining and taking part along with us for our Pine Tree class assembly.


Have a lovely weekend.

Love everyone in Pine Tree Class 🙂