Welcome to our Elm Tree blog! We have been very busy since returning to school and have settled into the new normal, demonstrating fantastic skills at washing hands; it is clear you must have been working hard at this at home so thank you!
We have been working on Numbers in our Numeracy session, some of our students have been popping balloons (on the computer!) to find numbers, some of our students have been imitating frogs and leaping across a hundred square to count in 2s, 5s and 10s and some of our students have been developing our number skills by singing number songs to count to 5 – the song of the week in Elm Tree is our number song Five Superboys. 

We have been learning all about magnets. We watched a video about 2 cheeky mice who climbed up a fridge to get to some cheese but discovered a cat awaiting them at the top so they had to use magnets to create a zip line and save themselves- fortunately they did! We even demonstrated our understanding of how magnets are used by adding iron filings to a water bottle and moving the magnets to attract them – it was lots of fun as you can see below! 

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Speak very soon,

Lots of love,

All the staff and pupils in Elm Tree Class