What an amazing start back this half term! All of our students have been working so hard.

In meal prep we made a delicious omelette with mushrooms and cheese.


We are all enjoying continuing to learn about Macbeth within Performing Arts. Our sensory learners have been enjoying listening to a poem whilst exploring a range of objects.

Some of our learners attempted to make a ‘potion’ using the experiment of a fizzy drink and mentos. It did not work however we discussed as a group why this might be and plan to make changes to this and reattempt next week.

During Enterprise we revisited our business roles that we have all been given and discussed what the skills and qualities are needed to be good at this role. We are very much looking forward to our new business adventure after the Easter break and will bring you more information about this soon!

Our Zoom lessons are going from strength to strength. Everyone is being so supportive of one another, congratulating them on their achievements no matter how big or small. What a wonderful group of young adults.

Having independence is one of the most important parts of Sixth Form. Our students have developed an immense amount over the past year. We are all very proud of each individuals progress.