First of all massive apologies for the lack of communication from Oak Tree Class.  It’s been a massively busy start to the new year, but we hope you’ve had a good Christmas and the shock of January has now worn off!

As usual, lots of hard work going on in Oak Tree Class.  We’ve been studying the work of Andy Warhol in creativity lessons.  We have also made our own versions of his work choosing our own bright colours.

We have also loved going over to the 6th Form bistro to order a drink and toast or crumpets.  It was so delicious we will be going back again!

Sensory circuits has also been a hit!

We had a visit from Ben Smith of 401 marathon challenge fame.  He was able to talk to us about how he managed to run 401 marathons in 401 days around the UK.  We had the chance to ask him a few questions about his challenge and we managed to ask him 2 questions he had never been asked before so we won a prize for that!