Welcome back Pine Tree class, we hope you are all rested and looking forward to the rest of term. This half term we will be incorporating the creative curriculum theme ‘This Is Me’ throughout our learning. In Literacy this half term we will be using this as our theme when we are looking at ‘Poetry’. Numeracy will see us developing our knowledge of ‘Time’, as well as ‘Multiplication and Division’. We will be continuing our Lets Talk Makaton lesson theme of ‘Hobbies and Interests’, and in our Citizenship lessons we will be exploring ‘Animals and Us’, and learn about what is required to help us take care of animals. Once again in Science we will be exploring different materials, this time looking at how they can be changed and separated. Furthermore in our Design Technology lessons we will begin to look at ‘Reclaimed Materials and Mechanisms.’ History will see us explore Anglo-Saxons by using props and artefacts from everyday life and in our RE lessons we are focusing on the religion ‘Islam’.

We have had a great start to the half term. This week we have continued to incorporate our remote learning along side our class based lessons with once again great success. To end our week we ended on a high with ‘Inspiration Day’ once again following the theme ‘This Is Me’. Our remote learners where able to use their time to do something they enjoyed, whilst in class we pampered ourselves, watched and took part in Maiya Leeke’s ‘Explore like a penguin’ routine, played games, explored Play Dough, completed mindful colouring activities and finished our day with a nice relaxing sensory circuits session.

Have a great weekend and we will see you all again next week.