Welcome Back Seedlings!

I felt very emotional welcoming all our lovely children back to school. It is so lovely to see them back, enjoying their learning, and to see how they have grown and developed during their time at home. They have amazed me with how well they have settled back in to school life. They have all shown lots of resilience!

Our topic this half term is ‘animals’ and we began with some farm themed activities. We have been making ‘muddy pigs’ in the creative area using brown paint to make marks with our finger tips, and we have really enjoyed listening to the animal sounds on the sound switches and using them to sing songs such as ‘Old Macdonald.’ In the small world area we were counting animals in and out of their pens.

We have also been learning lots about the importance of handwashing. We like to sing the Peppa Pig handwashing song as we practice making bubbles with our hands. We have talked about how germs can make us poorly, even though we can’t see them. We sprinkled glitter onto our hands to represent the germs and practiced washing them away with soap and water. We are using handwashing symbols to encourage the children to wash their hands regularly throughout the day. Many of them really enjoy splashing and making bubbles in the sink!

Next week our theme is ‘Vets and Pets’. We have a veterinary surgery in our role play area, lots of animal cause and effect toys to explore and lots of books about pets. We will update you next week and tell you all about it!

Lindsey xx