Hello and a huge welcome back to you all. We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

This half term we are going to be extremely busy focusing on new topics throughout our lessons.

In Literacy we are going to be looking at the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and focus on our writing during these lessons so that we can eventually create our own versions of this story.

In Numeracy we are going to be focusing on ‘length, weight and height’. We will be comparing and exploring different objects and then measuring these to show the differences between them being either short or long and heavy or light.

In Science we are going to be learning about ‘Characteristics of Materials’. We will be exploring different materials and sorting these into groups e.g. metal, wood and plastic so that we can then compare the different objects and describe the variety of materials.

In Geography we are going to be looking at ‘Natural Resources’ and where they come from. We will be exploring what there is to offer in our local environment and also compare present and past to see the development of areas.

In PSD we are going to be focusing on ‘Health related exercise’ by discussing what we need to do to stay fit and healthy and to prevent us getting poorly. We will also be taking part in different exercises such as walking, jogging and running.

In RE we are going to be looking at the religion, Islam. We will be looking at the story of ‘Muhammad and the night of power’, and will be learning about what is a Mosque?, the 5 pillars of Islam and then looking at role models.


Jemma, Jude, Karen, Abbie, Olivia & Carly