Maple class have been so busy over the past few weeks looking at lots of new topics. The children have been enjoying our new story in literacy “Mr Men Christmas Party” and exploring the objects to go with the story. We have been focusing on our writing and helping the children with their pencil grips. Some children have even been writing their own names.

We have also been looking at Romans in History, focusing on “The Story of Boudicca”, making our own shields and swords to pretend to be the roman army fighting against Boudicca and exploring our own area of a roman building. We have also done lots of exciting activities including making our own bread, tasting different foods and looking at what we eat now in comparison to the Romans. The children had a go at designing their own roman pots and then tried to make these themselves using clay and a variety of tools to engrave their design onto the clay. Maple tree class have also been making their own mosaics by using sand and felt tips to colour in sections of a picture.

In numeracy the children have been working on their number bonds to ten and have all tried really hard. We had lots of fun singing and acting out “Farmer Pete’s Sheep”.

We have also been extremely busy with our upcoming nativity. Songs, lines and dances are being learnt and the children have been busy recognising what parts they are playing. Rehearsals are well underway and we can not wait for you all to see it!

Jemma, Jude, Olivia, Carly, Karen and Abbie xx