Hello all,

What a super start to the new school year we have had in Seedlings Class. Our pupils have settled back into their school routine so well, we have also welcomed lots of new children to Pear Tree, who have adapted to school life extremely well. Our ‘Little Seedling’ friends have been excited to join in with our Pear Tree learning and this half-term our topic has been animals. We have enjoyed learning about many different types of animals throughout our continuous provision, including zoo animals, birds, dinosaurs and pets. In true Seedling style we have had lots of fun, creative, sensory activities to help us learn about this topic.

In our Literacy lessons we have enjoyed our ‘Dear Zoo’ story and have been practicing our listening and attention skills. All the children have enjoyed exploring a variety of different media and materials and sensory, musical and tactile animals. Children were highly motivated to learn how to activate the musical monkey and listen to the different animal sounds on switches. We wrote our own letters asking for a pet and then walked to the post-box to post them for our families! During this activity we developed skills in choice making, using tools and equipment safely and mark making in many different ways.

Throughout Numeracy we have looked at Capacity and have been working hard to learn and identify big and small, heavy and light and full and empty. We went on a ‘Dinosaur hunt’ to help us learn about this topic and looked at big and small animals and then heavy and light materials such as grass, straw, pebbles and sand and how we could fill and empty containers with different materials.

Whilst learning about Religious Education we have looked at the topic of celebrations and have enjoyed sharing birthday photos and learning about our emotions and how we feel when it is our birthday. We shared the story of ‘On the night you were born’ to help children learn how special they all are and why we celebrate our birthday. We are all looking forward to having a ‘birthday party’ and playing some party games and trying lots of party food at the end of half term.

Our children have learnt so much in their short time back at school and are making progress within all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. We are all really proud of them all and look forward to seeing some of you at parents evening next week!