A big thank you to all the mums, dads and carers that attended our independence assembly today.  I hope you had as much fun watching it as we did performing it.  It was also lovely to speak to you all over a brew and biscuits afterwards.

As per usual, loads of hard work has been going on in Oak Tree Class.  We have been exploring rockets in science and we made our own out of 35mm film canisters, Alka Seltzer and water or vinegar.

Some of us planned how we would make it a fair test and we decided to make sure we put the same volume of water or vinegar in each canister.  Some of us followed instructions closely to make sure all the canisters had the same amount of Alka Seltzer, water or vinegar in.

We all predicted which rockets would shoot the highest and we were surprised by the result that they went roughly the same height.