Hello all,

Wow what an extra busy week we have all had!

It has been a really exciting school week with lots of different events going on. On Monday we had our sports day rehearsal which was great fun and we are looking forward to showing you what skills we have been learning in P.E for sport’s day next Tuesday!

This Tuesday was ‘Math’s is Fun’ day and it was another huge hit with all the pupils enjoying learning about numeracy through lots of different, fun activities. We had other children from local schools come to join us for this too which was really lovely.

On Wednesday we had our transition morning where we got to meet our new class friends and teachers, the pupils staying in Maple Tree and joining us from September looked at the Roald Dahl story ‘The BFG’ and we have transformed our reading area into a ‘Dream Jar’ enchanted and colourful reading corner!

Thursday was the well anticipated educational visit to the Zoo! The pupils have been talking about this for weeks and have been so excited. It was such a wonderful day and the sun shone for us!! It was really good to further embed our literacy story by actually visiting a real zoo and observing and naming the different animals we could see!

By Friday we just had a little time (and some energy left!!) to squeeze in some Literacy, Numeracy and French, wow what a busy week! Have a wonderful weekend and a well deserved rest for the pupils!

Maple Tree Class xxx