After some technical difficulties we can finally tell you about the amazing time we had during MADD week!

During MADD week Bay tree had some sensory exploration whilst learning about different cultures.

There were lots of laughs and giggles in the lovely sunshine with commando Joe,  whilst we leaped high into the air then crash landed on the big crash mat.

The school put on a ‘trashy fashion show’ that was all about reusing recycled items and using them to make outfits! Bay tree had some much fun decorating old white T-shirts, making them as bright and colourful as we could. To complete our recycled outfit we used cardboard to make some very sparkly bangles and painted dry pasta to make some beautiful pasta necklaces.

What an amazing time we had spray painting records! For those who didn’t fancy trying the spray paint there were some special colourful  pens that we could also use to decoate them with instead.

Bay tree got their sweat on whilst dancing during Madd week. We busted out our very best moves during ‘pride zumba’ and were amazing when dancing with our guests from ‘dance syndrome’