What a busy MADD week we have had…

Monday – We got our bodies moving to the beat with belly dancing. We also looked at kindness and how we can be kind to ourselves and others.

Tuesday – We donned our Picasso overalls and experimented with creating a range of different portraits; some using acetate and others with fruit and veg.

Wednesday – A health focus for the day with aqua-aerobics with Greg in the school pool and an intense Zumba session before eating our homemade healthy lunch.

Thursday – We all left Sixth Form with a smile upon our face as the focus for the day was happiness.  There was music, parachute games and even people starring in their very own music video.

Friday – We ended the week with the glitz and glam of a class awards ceremony after the students had cast their votes on their favourite dancer, actor, musician and artist. After this we celebrated the whole school achievements in the hall with a pop up gallery.  Then with Anna’s yoga session following this it was just what we needed to get our minds and bodies relaxed in time for the weekend. The week ended with a bang at the whole school party with visiting musician John Morrow and his band.