Hello all,

We have had another busy and fun filled learning week in Seedlings. We were so proud of all the children as most of the class went into Kirkham for a walk to try to find a rocket to go to space! Some of us enjoyed our ‘Whatever next’ sensory story at the park too with Amanda, the children enjoyed seeing baby bear at the park before he went to space in the story. This was so exciting for the children and they all were so good walking to and back from the park.

The children have all been exploring our Alien space ship tent which has been in our reading area. The tent was amazing and also provided us with a story, ‘Q Pootle 5’ all about an alien and space adventures! We also had props in a basket for the children to explore which linked to the story such as gloopy slime in gloves for the children to feel, a light up star which was lovely inside the tent as it is a bit darker and the alien floating balloons which we all found funny when we blew them up and then let them go again.

Outside the children have enjoyed playing with slime and water beads, it was a bit messy!!!  We also provided pots and containers in this area to enhance the children’s learning by filling and emptying the containers supporting the children’s mathematical development. We have also had big soft planets filled with air which the children could throw around the playground these were quite fast when it was windy and the children were so excited chasing them around our playground it was so much fun!! The rice, sand and malleable delta dough proved popular outside too with the children making their own representations of space and planets.

We have also been getting creative again in class making Alien underpants by gluing and sticking and using the malleable foam to build and design our own little Aliens. We also had great fun playing parachute games inside with the soft sensory balls, making them zoom around the classroom like planets and stars whilst we hid under the parachute and practiced lifting it up and down!

Next week will be our final week learning about our topic of space and we will be looking at our sensory story ‘Whatever Next’ and learning a little bit about the topic of food by helping make lots of yummy things for baby bears picnic on the moon.

We also welcome our class teacher Lindsey back from maternity leave which we are all very excited about! Then after the half term we will be learning about ‘Plants and Growth’ which will be lots of fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Seedlings class xxx