On International Women’s Day 8th March four sixth form students took part in the launch event for “Women who wander” at Liverpool Museum.   The project was about engaging young women from a variety of backgrounds to consider what the railways mean to them, from the possibility of jobs to experiencing rail travel and the freedom it can bring.  All our students produced wonderful writing pieces and fantastically out of all the hundreds of entrants from schools all around the North West we had two winners!   

On the day Catherine bravely read out her work which took great courage and strength, and was awarded a highly Commended prize.  Unfortunately, Hannah was unwell on the day but her work was still printed in the winners’ magazine.

The winning pieces

I am going to tell you what the trains mean to me. About new buildings, meeting new people who you haven’t seen before, learning about how to be safe on the trains and about how to get to new places.

When I see new places it feels like I am living my life and it makes me feel very happy.

I am fully independent at travel training, learning about what trains are like, where there is no traffic.

Sometimes there is traffic where the trains slow down on the track.

I am a young lady and free and I can do it independently.




It all started on a sunny day.

Mum and I had been shopping and bought some of our favourite food, including lots of treats.

We were going to take them home and eat them.

We went for the train at Preston station.

We waited and waited, then the train came.

Mum was standing too close to the edge of the platform.

The train hit Mum’s bag.

I shouted “stand back from the yellow line.”

We lost the snacks but mum was safe.

Always use the train safely.