Hello Everyone,

This week has been such a busy week, with lots of fun and exciting things we have been learning about. All week we have been looking at all the different types of jobs that we may want to do when we leave Pear Tree.

At the beginning of the week we looked at the world of floristry. We had a look at all the different types of shrubbery and plants. We chose some greenery and we made our own winter floral arrangements.

We have had a sneak peek at the world of performing arts in particular we looked at Grease the musical. We enjoyed some music and movement and tried on some of the characters costumes. I must say we looked very cool in our leather jackets and sunglasses. Our superstar teacher taught us the Hand Jive. I am sure we will have no beauty school drop outs here!!!

Later on in the week we looked at the military. We watched a video where a soldier showed us how to apply camouflage cream. We all had a go on our paper faces. The video told us how camouflage cream is used and why we use it. We all had a lot of fun making our faces camouflaged. We have also been doing a little bit of community service in and around our school. We went out and did some litter picking and then came back with our bags and sorted it all into the relevant recycling buckets.

Elm Tree have been so busy this week we have had lots of fun learning about the world of work.

Have a lovey weekend!

Keep safe,

Love Elm Tree