What the parents say

When Megan arrived, she wouldn’t attend rehearsals and had to have a teacher bring her onto stage.

She’s now doing two parts in the School Show and has achieved an “Inspiration Award.

The difference is amazing – a different girl.

She did the World of Work week and experienced different job roles and “came out beaming.

2019 – 2021 academic calendar

What our staff say

What can I say about our students…

they’re wonderful! Fun, enthusiastic, challenging…

they’re what we do the job for.

When this student arrived, we couldn’t get him on school transport.

He has progressed so much. He now even travels independently and is transitioning into Day Service.

The progression is vast.


Looking at Nature

This week we have been learning about living things in their environment for our science topic. We have been out into the local community to look at the bug houses in the Memorial gardens and the surrounding areas. We found lots of different insects, woodlouse, worms,...


. This week in BayTree class we’ve been doing all about PDS. We’ve done lots of activities that help keep us calm and happy. We learnt the definition of well-being, ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy’ on focused on how to achieve it. We’ve had foot-spas...

Ancient Greece

Another busy week in Pine tree class. We have been learning all about Ancient Greece in our History lessons. The students have made their own olive wreaths using paper and card. In Ancient Rome these were made from branches and leaves of the Laurel - a type of...

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